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All in Unison

SOULICIOUS is one of LA's top show bands.  The group features R&B platinum recording artist LaMarr Deuce Lubin, Indie artist and Actress Chantel Deniese and actress/singer Shari Rhone along with an incomparable backing band.  Together this triple treat puts a mark on the stage leaving a solid and unforgettable performance with fans always wanting more.  From incredible vocals to a show stopping performance, SOULICIOUS does not disappoint.  Since the bands inception in 2006, they have a storied history of excellence, performing regularly at professional events, concerts, private parties, festivals, weddings and more.  SOULICIOUS has traveled far and wide and has built a reputation in the music industry and their consistent greatness has earned them a position of distinction.   The members of SOULICIOUS work hard and are always dedicated to professionalism. 

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